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The attorneys of Brennan McKenna & Lawlor, Chtd. serve clients throughout Maryland. We believe that handling sensitive legal matters in a respectful, discreet manner provides our clients an invaluable service. Whether the matter is a DWI or a charge of sexual assault, we can help.

We represent professionals, from doctors and lawyers to federal government officials, in all felony and misdemeanor matters. In many of our cases, an indictment, not to mention a conviction, can have a catastrophic impact on our clients’ careers and personal lives. If your career or reputation is at stake, we can help. Contact a criminal defense attorney at Brennan McKenna & Lawlor, Chtd. today.

White Collar Crimes. Our attorneys have years of criminal defense experience in state and federal courts. We handle state and federal felony and misdemeanor charges involving any type of non-violent criminal charge.

Federal Criminal Defense and Federal Criminal Appeals. We handle federal court matters in Maryland including various federal circuit courts nationwide.

State Criminal Defense and State Criminal Appeals. Most criminal offenses are charged at the state level. Our Maryland attorneys have more than 100 years of experience defending clients in state courts.

Sex Crimes. Being charged with a sex crime is a life-altering experience. At Brennan McKenna & Lawlor, Chtd., we defend individuals charged with any type of sex crime.

DWIs and Traffic Offenses. If you are facing charges for a traffic offense in Maryland, our DUI attorneys at Brennan McKenna & Lawlor, Chtd. can help.

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Our cases range from defending an individual against retail theft charges to the defense of capital murder charges in federal court. Our attorneys have handled over 25 capital-eligible murder cases in federal courts. We use our substantial experience to assist our clients in all criminal cases including state and federal criminal appeals. Contact Brennan McKenna & Lawlor, Chtd. to schedule a confidential consultation.