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For most accused persons, criminal charges plunge them into a nightmare beyond imagination. Fortunately, Brennan McKenna & Lawlor, Chtd. has the knowledge, skill and experience to provide highly professional, vigorous defense representation in Greenbelt, Prince George’s County, and throughout Maryland. With more than 100 years of combined experience, our defense lawyers can take immediate steps to secure your constitutional rights and push back on the charges against you. Although no law firm can guarantee results, Brennan McKenna & Lawlor, Chtd. can point to a long record of success helping individuals accused of serious crimes obtain favorable outcomes in light of the facts.

Determined defense representation for a wide array of criminal charges

Anyone accused of a crime must understand that the most important thing they can do for their future is to retain a capable and determined defense lawyer. The defense attorneys at Brennan McKenna & Lawlor, Chtd. have been tested time and again, and have delivered quality legal services for clients in critical situations. Charges we commonly address include:

  • DUI and traffic offenses — There are effective strategies for fighting a DUI or a moving violation, but accused motorists who attempt to represent themselves rarely succeed. Considering the harm that results from a DUI conviction, such as jail time, fines, fees, license suspension, and harm to one’s reputation, you must seek highly professional defense representation if you are to have any chance of mitigating the damage done by your arrest. Since moving violations can also result in thousands of dollars of losses from fines, penalty points and higher insurance premiums, you should fight every ticket, but only with a skilled defense attorney at your side.
  • Drug crimes — State and federal authorities zealously prosecute drug crimes, and certain charges, such as possession, can be very hard to dispute. However, our experienced attorneys understand how to challenge the authorities on procedure and substantive law, and how to use whatever leverage is available to secure a favorable result. Under the best of circumstances, we can invalidate a traffic stop or a search, or raise doubt about your “knowing possession” of a substance. In some cases, it is possible to get charges dropped or a sentence reduced. Depending on the facts of the case and your prior history, a D.A. might decline to prosecute. But, whether you are charged with simple possession or a more serious crime, such as distributing, our legal team focuses our knowledge, energy, and resources on securing the best outcome possible.
  • Sex crimes — Serious charges such as solicitation, human trafficking, sexual assault, rape, and possession of Internet child pornography carry severe consequences, including long prison terms and the requirement to register as a sex offender for life. Moreover, sex crimes are the types of charges that capture the media’s and public’s attention. Our attorneys not only defend you vigorously in court, but we do so with the utmost sensitivity and discretion to preserve your dignity throughout the legal process. Our attorneys take decisive steps to manage the court of public opinion as we work tirelessly to resolve the charges against you.
  • Violent crime — Our vast experience defending clients accused of violent crime includes a wide variety of cases, involving assault and battery, domestic violence, extortion, robbery, and homicide. We have helped numerous clients preserve their reputations, their careers, their families, and their liberty by presenting affirmative defenses and challenging the prosecution’s evidence.
  • White collar crime — At times it seems that zealous prosecutors can build conspiracy cases out of thin air. Our firm helps to clear the air by challenging circumstantial evidence and forcing authorities to make their case beyond a reasonable doubt. We have helped a great number of clients accused of RICO violations, money laundering, computer crimes, embezzlement, public corruption, and tax evasion. In many instances when clients consulted us before charges were filed or in the early stages of a criminal investigation, we have been able to head off white collar crime charges and negotiate a resolution that satisfied investigators.

When you retain Brennan McKenna & Lawlor, Chtd., you get a dedicated professional at your side throughout the legal process, providing wise counsel, emotional support, and effective representation.

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The lawyers of Brennan McKenna & Lawlor, Chtd. represent defendants in the state and federal courts throughout Maryland and Virginia. Our offices are conveniently located in the heart of Greenbelt, about one mile northeast of the Beltway Plaza Mall. Call Brennan McKenna & Lawlor, Chtd. at 240-241-7027 or contact us online to schedule a free, confidential consultation.