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Few things are worse than finding out you will be facing criminal charges in Greenbelt, Maryland.

Your life and reputation could be at stake, as a criminal conviction could leave you paying huge fines, serving out lengthy prison sentences, and having a criminal record follow you around for years to come.

At Brennan McKenna & Lawlor, our criminal defense lawyers serving Greenbelt, Maryland, understand the stress you feel, and our law firm is here to help you to develop an effective strategy for your criminal case and avoid losing your rights.

When Should You Hire a Criminal Defense Attorney?

We believe you should hire a criminal defense attorney as soon as possible. Preferably, it would be nice to have an attorney present during your arrest. Even though this may not possible, you should attempt to speak to an attorney as soon as you can after released from being arrested.

If you are facing criminal charges in Greenbelt, MD take the first step to defend your future by scheduling a free case review with our criminal defense attorney today!

Criminal Defense Lawyers Serving Greenbelt To Resolve Cases

Our criminal defense lawyers understand that criminal charges can be overwhelming and difficult to handle alone.

That is why at Brennan McKenna & Lawlor, we do everything we can to help you create an effective defense strategy and find hope in obtaining a favorable outcome.

Our long track record of successful case results speaks to our ability to defend our rights.

Our Greenbelt-based lawyers approach every case with a fierce attitude, determination, and experience.

The criminal defense lawyers at our law firm in Greenbelt defend clients facing crimes ranging from federal crimes to petty theft, so you can trust that we will help you protect yourself from the consequences of a conviction.

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During your initial meeting with our Maryland state defensive legal team, one of our award-winning criminal defense lawyers serving Greenbelt will provide you with a clear picture of your situation.

Our lawyers value honesty with our clients, and that goes both ways.

The more information our lawyers have about your criminal case, the better our chances will be of helping you avoid a conviction.

You do not and should not have to face your criminal charges alone. Brennan McKenna & Lawlor is here to stand up for your rights and help you protect your future.

The criminal defense lawyers at Brennan McKenna & Lawlor are ready build a defense for any criminal case. Contact our Greenbelt law firm today for a free case consultation to see how we can help today!

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Fighting criminal charges is not something you should handle on your own. Put more than a century of experience on your side today by calling our firm and scheduling your free consultation. Our award-winning criminal defense attorneys look forward to helping you.